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We’ve Got A Solution For All Your Storage Needs

Storage Unit Sizes

Use this chart to determine how much storage space you need.

Storage Unit Dimensions

Equates to …

What Fits?

5 ft. X 5 ft. Small Half Bathroom Boxes
5 ft. X 10 ft. Average Size Walk-in Closet 1 Room of Furniture
5 ft. X 15 ft. Large Walk-in Closet 2 Rooms of Furniture
10 ft. X 10 ft. Average Size Bedroom 2 to 4 Rooms/Furniture
10 ft. X 15 ft. Large Bedroom 4 Rooms of Furniture
10 ft. X 20 ft. Small One-Car Garage 4 to 5 Rooms or Compact Car
10 ft. X 25 ft. * Average One-Car Garage 4 to 6 Rooms or Car or Truck
10 ft. X 30 ft. Two Large Bedrooms or
Extra-Long Garage
6 to 8 Rooms of Furniture or
Outdoor Spaces RV’s / Buses / Boats / Trailers / Vehicles

* This size is not available at all sites – please contact the site directly for availability

Or use this calculator to estimate how much storage space you need. Enter the quantities of each type of space you will need to store then your estimated total amount of square feet required will be displayed in the blue box.

Security Details

Each storage location is controlled by a computerized gate that allows you safe and easy access in and out with your personal security code. Our facilities have one point of entry and exit, which can be seen from our managers’ offices, to ensure the safety of our tenants. Gate hours are

  • Monday through Saturday 7AM to 6PM (Eastern Standard Time)
  • Monday through Saturday 7AM to 7PM (Eastern Daylight Savings Time)
  • Sunday 9AM to 6PM (Eastern Standard Time)
  • Sunday 9AM to 7PM (Eastern Daylight Savings Time)

Your storage unit belongs to you. You bring your own personal lock or you may purchase one from us to secure your valuable goods.

Temperature-Controlled Units

These units are designed to maintain a steady temperature to protect your stored items. Contact the location nearest you to verify availability and learn more about these specific units.

Special Discounts

We know moving and storing things is often a stressful situation, so we make it easy and affordable. Click here to see how you can save storing with Blue & Gray Storage.

Outdoor Storage/Parking

We have RV, boat, trailer, vehicle and fleet storage/parking available at several of our locations. Contact our managers to check availability.

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